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meticulously crafted fine jewellery pieces that speak of the passion and curiousity which went into making them

"One of my earliest childhood memories is the smell of rubber from the freshly made jewellery moulds in my grandfather’s workshop. Growing up in a jeweller’s family I was always surrounded by tools, machines and materials which would be the focus of my curiosity. Making was a big part of my upbringing. After school I would spend the afternoons in my parent’s workshop sometimes sitting beside them and testing if I was able to master some simple tasks they would give me to play with.

The playfulness and curiosity I learned in my parent’s workshop is still present in my jewellery. Having absorbed much of the craft skills early on I always try to find ways to reinterpret and advance the traditional ways of making."


Lukascaspar Jewellery is a London based fine jewellery brand founded by 3rd generation jeweller Lukas (Caspar David) Grewenig. The brand develops new innovative technologies and marries them with traditional craftsmanship to create moments of surprise.

Their first collection “Victoria” makes the viewer look for unexpected images mysteriously appearing on the pieces. Specifically designed stone cuts bring out unexpected light reflections in rhodolites, tanzanites and sapphires.

The pieces engage with the viewer’s curiosity and speak of the passion for the crafts and materials that went into making them.

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