"lovers eye" brooch with diamond rose cut

"lovers eye" brooch with diamond rose cut

Sterling silver brooch made using a nature cast of a lily leaf and a pear shaped diamond rose cut. The leaf is covered with our signature surface structure that produces sparkling reflections in normal light and shows the image of a watchful eye under certain lighting circumstances like flash photography. The piece has a combination plating of white rhodium and black ruthenium to protect the sparkle and hidden image from ever lessening or fading. 

  • Product Info

    Our signature reflective structure consists of tiny indentations in the surface of the piece that can be a challenge to clean yourself. We recommend having these pieces cleaned by us or another jeweller.


    The black colour on these earrings comes from a high quality black ruthenium plating on a white rhodium basis. So maintain the deep black colour we recommend to keep them away from abrasive agents or harsh chemicals. See our cleaning instructions for further guidance.